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Foot pocket and ankle lock -

Cast kit and deposit

  • Start by purc­ha­sing this product
  • Finn­Fin will send you a kit for taking indi­vi­dual casts from your feet

Foot pocket and ankle lock -


  • Finn­Fin will inform you 1 week befo­re pro­duc­tion start to purc­ha­se this item
  • Finn­Fin will execu­te the pro­duc­tion for your cus­to­mized foot poc­kets and ankle locks and send them to you

Fin blade -

Order test bla­des (optio­nal)

  • Order 2 test fin bla­des of dif­fe­rent stiff­ness to test which fits you best
  • The price of the test bla­des will be deduc­ted from the purc­ha­se of final cus­tom fin blades

Fin blades -

Cus­tom fin blades

  • Order ful­ly cus­tom-made diving fin blades
  • Finn­Fin will execu­te the pro­duc­tion and send the fin bla­des to you

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